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What To Do About The Arab-Israeli Conflict

     First, let us look at the underlying cause of the problem. Governments around the world are maliciously restricting immigration into their respective territories. One horrible consequence of immigration restriction left millions of innocent Europeans trapped during the Holocaust. That the victims were prevented from escaping, by the governments of other countries, is explained at Evian: The Most Fateful Conference of All Times in Jewish History.

We, on our part, are ready to put all these criminals at the disposal of these countries, for all I care, even on luxury ships. —Adolf Hitler, 1938

     Let us learn from the lesson of history. Let us open our eyes to the devastation now happening around the world because of immigration controls.

     When you check in to board a U.S.A.-bound flight, the agent is required to review your travel documents, partly to comply with local laws on emigration but largely to comply with U.S.A. laws against bringing passengers with little hope of admission. The airline will be fined if this is not done.

     Announce to the airlines that they may transport to any international airport in the United States of America any Palestinian applying for refugee status. If the U.S. military is capable of building a pier on the Gaza shore then why not evacuate Gaza that way? Why not petition the Israelis to suffer all Gazans to transit from Gaza to an airport in Israel to board a U.S.A.-bound flight? Why not petition the Egyptians to suffer these Palestinians to transit from Rafah Crossing to El Arish International Airport to board a U.S.A.-bound flight?

     The United States government had 19 years to get everybody out of Afghanistan before Taliban closed in, and they left behind interpreters who assisted U.S.A. military forces. Now U.S.A. government officials complain about human rights abuses by the Taliban. Get everybody out of Gaza who would rather escape to the United States of America.

About to enter, fellow-citizens, on the exercise of duties which comprehend everything dear and valuable to you, it is proper you should understand what I deem the essential principles of our Government, and consequently those which ought to shape its Administration. I will compress them within the narrowest compass they will bear, stating the general principle, but not all its limitations. Equal and exact justice to all men, of whatever state or persuasion, religious or political; peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none; —Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural address, 4 March 1801

     None means none. It is not the duty of the U.S.A. government to defend a foreign country’s scriptural claim to territory. If you want to defend Israel go join Israel Defense Forces. If you want to provide monetary assistance you can buy all the Israeli postage stamps you want.

     Again, the U.S. government had 19 years to evacuate Afghanistan before Taliban closed in, and there’s plenty of time now to evacuate any Israeli who prefers to relocate to the United States of America before U.S.A. military support is withdrawn. If you wouldn’t suffer the Israelis and Palestinians peacefully relocating to “your” town, don’t pretend you give a damn.

     What about the cost of welfare?

     Don’t give them welfare. Run a fingerprint check for outstanding arrest warrants and then issue each new arrival a work permit and a Social Security card and suffer them to go their merry way.

     Wh-a-a-a-t? Just let all these foreigners just walk right into the U.S.A.? You’re crazy! They’ll take jobs away from Americans! Next thing to know, you’ll have a house full of immigrants living right next door to you!

     Wh-a-a-a-t? Just let all the Negroes just walk off the plantation? You’re crazy! They’ll take jobs away from White folks! Next thing you know, you’ll have a house full of Negroes living right next door to you!

     Immigration is not the cause of unemployment. Malicious governmental manipulations, from A to Z, from agricultural subsidies to zoning restrictions, cause unemployment and should be repealed. Abolish zoning restrictions by State laws, to unleash an abundance of new jobs in demolition and construction, and a glut of latest-code housing, forcing landlords to scramble to find tenants at half of today’s rents, instead of struggling families trying to outbid each other for a maliciously limited supply of apartments.

     Zoning restrictions are supported by bigots who don’t want immigrants, minorities and working-class families in “their” neighborhood. Without zoning, some heirs will have to sell their parents’ house for two million dollars instead of three million. How can life get any worse? Some landlords, unable to pay the mortgages with declining rent income, will lose everything, same as some plantation owners lost everything when “their” slaves were emancipated.

     A business announces it desires to open a factory that would provide hundreds of new, entry-level jobs. The neighbors howl furiously because they don’t want that in “their” neighborhood. They don’t give a fire truck about the struggling families facing eviction due to unemployment and rising rents. Do note that the United States of America is overrun with crazy, deranged, depraved, degenerate, selfish, greedy potholes, but that does not mean you have to be one. If you have not done so already, simply shut off your crazy switch, shut off your stupid switch, shut off your wicked switch, and follow good, sound, logical reasoning, and you can be an orthodox libertarian extremist. We are, morally and intellectually, vastly superior to the masses, but that is not saying much. Always look over the chessboard for ways to solve problems by repealing the bad laws that cause the problems, instead of throwing money at remedies.

     Then there are the clods who elect candidates who are in favor of public school. These voters honestly feel that every child somehow has a right to an education at somebody else’s expense. That is, until school taxes start climbing. Then, they tell local bureaucrats to impose tougher zoning restrictions to prevent more families from moving into “their” town, and they tell Congress to add more U.S. Border Patrol goons, to prevent more families from moving into the country. They also lament when they have to turn down jobs because the work schedule would prevent them from delivering their children to the government at the hour set for the convenience of bureaucrats. In a free country, nothing would stop an educational company from running a school 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing parents to deliver their children en route to work and get them en route home. Schools would have to compete with each other on the basis of curriculum, safety, drug resistance, hours, location and other factors, but the students could also remain enrolled when the family relocates across a town line.

     One way immigrants can help the U.S.A. is to help prevail on Congress to get the imbeciles off our backs. The rest of us need the help of immigrants to secure the blessings of the metric system to ourselves and our posterity.

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As Ron Paul would say:

Being falsely accused of anti-Semitism and being a supporter of radical fascism is not an enviable position for any politician. Most realize it is best to be quiet and support our Middle East involvement.

—Congressional Record, September 7, 2006 page H6361
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